Californ I Am (Snowboarder) – California Youth Girl Black Long Sleeve T-shirt

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This 24-7 Daddyhood snug & stretchy long sleeve California girl's toddler/youth graphic tee (with ruffle edges) will keep your little cub cozy when it's time to park the surfboard and head for the slopes. Beach in July, snow in January, and pure laid back Cali all year long. In those blustery winter months, keep your little one warm and cozy in this long sleeve 100% cotton shirt from 24-7 Daddyhood.  Californ*I*Am, Daddio.


Listings for this design can be found in:

Baby Boy – (3-24m)
Baby Girl – (3-24m)
Youth Boy – (2T & up)
Youth Girl – (2T & up)